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Ace Dance Studio is Calgary’s most friendly, entertaining and welcoming dance studio. It is located in the hub of North-east (NE) Calgary offering a very caring atmosphere for anyone at any age to learn to dance. One may choose to take private lessons or group classes from our welcoming & expert dance instructors.

Why to Choose us:

Suitable location, Community touch, Expert teachers.

We have invested energy in making customized programs that suit the different needs of the individuals who look to further themselves in the fields of dance and the performing arts.

At Ace Dance Studio, we trust that dance ought to be something fun, something that takes your mind off the monotonous routine and permits you to explore your space, your brain and associate with your body.

With an aim to give quality dance training and making dance accessible to all, Ace Dance Studio giving Kids and Adults training in different Dance styles.


  • To have Fun and socialize with others.
  • Build your confidence.
  • To Look Young, Healthy and Fit.
  • Great Chances to perform in our Events.
  • Confidence in Performing on a Big Stage.
  • Become a Professional Dancer.
  • High Caliber Training
  • Positive Reinforcement
  • Builds Self Esteem
  • Excellent Technique Classes
  • Competitions
  • Exposure to many styles of Dances
  • Opportunity to Travel and Recognition


ACE Dance Studios is a multidisciplinary dance studio offering dance classes for all ages. Classes include: Hip Hop. Bollywood, Bhangra, Break Dance and Modern Dance.

The classes give our students a chance to learn dance, express themselves innovatively and perform in front of large audience.

One can also take Dance Lessons for Wedding, For Youth Parties, For Fun, TO Get Fit, To Meet People, To Perform in Competitions.

Different Levels of Classes:

  • Level 1: Basic introductory level for beginners and anyone with minimal experience in that style.
  • Level 2: Intermediate level for those who have a strong understanding of the basics and terminology.
  • Level 3: Advanced level only for experienced dancers with a strong knowledge base of the technique.
  • Custom Level: Mixed level, normally between a level 1 & level 2, but depends on the overall experience of the students in the class.